jeudi, mai 20, 2004

He is we.

Berlin. I have met my new record label, Karaoke Kalk, and its owner, Thorsten Lutz. Thorsten says "we", speaking of Karaoke Kalk. I ask him: who are the others? Thorsten is we.

Thorsten picked me up at Ostbahnhof, 8 am, and we went straight to his place. I haven't slept at all. I was speaking half the night with my compartment's neighbour, a young physician specialized in matrix (Ackeman was his name), about music, mathematics, Marseille, art.

In the streets, Thorsten seems to be furious against the Bobo's in Berlin-Mitte, cheechee-poopoo people (yuppies) who deforms the original atmosphere of the city. I tell him that he speaks like an ex-punk.

I feel bad wearing my Dior black trousers now. It was hard to choose what clothes to wear. Since I hate luggage, I had to choose some clothes I will wear for 4 days.

Hedi Slimane made a nice book about Berlin. Ostalgia and trend.

Karaoke Kalk office and home are on Rosa Luxemburg Strasse, 16, in Mitte, close to Hackesches Markt station. Thorsten lives there since 2 months, having moved from Cologne. He is still doing DJ gigs there and around the world.

We do the mastering of "Lou Etendue" with Rashad at Dubplates and Mastering in Kreuzberg, close to Kottbusser Tor and Oranienstrasse. I go alone to have lunch in a turkish restaurant and order something "au pif" (without knowing what it is). Aubergines served in a yoghurt sauce with ketchup. How strange.

Rashad is torturing the sounds and then obtains the result he wants. It is curious to be able to listen to separate sounds in the final stereo mix. There is a 12'' cut device in the same studio and I can watch my music grooves through a microscope. It looks calm and slow, as it is.