dimanche, avril 22, 2012

Jean Rouch, « Cocorico monsieur Poulet », 1974

mercredi, avril 18, 2012

I'm happy to read that in Kidal and Gao in northern Mali, the true Muslims saved the life of their Christian friends from the Islamist criminals who took their cities.

dimanche, avril 15, 2012

As I was waiting for Thorsten Lütz, the director of my record label Karaoke Kalk, the best record label in the world, as not everybody knows but soon will, on a sunny morning, two weeks ago, in a washed up and clean air, due to a smooth & vivid wind, spirits high, a young female photographer approached me, put me in front of a white paper, the total sun replacing batteries and artificial lights, took some shots of me for an art project, portraits of regular people waiting around a train station, she had to spend a lot of time explaining her project, talking about a notion which isn't clear for most of the people, art is not entertainment, what a construction, I should go back to the never attended English classroom, all the time in the cafe. Here is one of these pictures, where I can recognize myself. And here is the photographer's website, where you will see a French artist you know.

mardi, avril 10, 2012

Kashima Paradise, Yann Le Masson (1973). Le Masson and the Japanese peasants against Narita airport.

J'ai huit ans, Yann Le Masson (1961). Le Masson and the children of Algeria, during the war.

Le Masson (†) at the Pompidou center in 2010.

lundi, avril 09, 2012

Julien Ribot, who I recently met in the street. He's having a really cool song called Love with a nice video shot by Ricardo Antonioni.

Soko: First love never die. I only know this very nice song from Soko; I love the tempo shift. Nice video too.

This incredible Momus song called "Isaak". I think it's based on a Prefab Sprout cover. Will it come with the next album Bibliotek?

Montag and this project de longue haleine called "Phases". Read what it is about here! Here is the first track, "New Design".

It's nice to get older without losing the direction but sharpen it.