vendredi, juin 18, 2010

Carlo Rambaldi, who did the special effects on the Mario Bava film "Reazione a catena" (1971) talks about himself as a "sculptor" who became an element of the cinema industry only by chance (not in this program but in « L’Ospitte delle due » - RAI, 1975). Rambaldi made for himself, an animated & hyperealistic sculpture that drew attention toward his work. In the seventies, his studio is separated in two distinct spaces: one for his artistic work, the other one for the special effects. The distinction seems to be very important for him, but the journalist says that his cinema work can also be called "art". Born in 1925, Carlo Rambaldi, still alive, made King Kong, Alien, Dune, E.T. and other Spielberg-eries; but what I like the most is his incredible spiders.