samedi, août 01, 2009

ZLE last one

I'm finishing the recording of the 30 songs I composed for the France Culture program. Yes: 30 SONGS!!! Every week during 4 months, I had to perform 2 new songs live, on this national radio program called Zone de libre échange; a very interesting and creative experience! Half of the songs are covers of french tubes, the other half are original Toog ones... Since I've just finished to mix the new album project Goto, there are 40 new Toog songs that will be available soon, as well as the Ame Soeur tracks (check my disco on myspace) and also the very first Toog album: Ergroun (1996). I wish I can perform in America again; my love for this country and the people who live there is the reason why I'm still writing in english. So maybe sometimes in 2010.

(A good idea was to cut these long hair and beard I wear on the crew picture; it makes me look like a teacher whose dream is to look like Sébastien Tellier.)