lundi, juin 23, 2008



Is there an owner manual for being/creating Helen of Troja? Demain soir à 20 heures, pas 19 heures. Text by Véronique Pittolo and mise en scène by Myriam Marzouki. Music by Toog and sound design by Henri Flesh. Henri's having a nice photo with Divine on his bio pages; he was a very important parisian DJ at the turn of the 70/80's, before becoming sound designer (Bains-Douches, Palace, Privilège,etc...).

mardi, juin 17, 2008


We believe that affection is a form of non-sexual pedophilia.
We believe that affection is a DANGER for our children.
Affection is an affection: let's protect our children.
Let's build a safe world for our children; let's vote new laws for forbidding affection.

Our children deserve protection.

If you love your children, join CAA now. Only 45$ a month!

samedi, juin 14, 2008


Ils ont cru que les fossiles, ces coquilles et autres éléments marins fossilisés, étaient des résidus de repas jetés par les Romains. They believed that fossils, these shells and other fossilised marine elements, were meal residues thrown away by the Romans.

mardi, juin 10, 2008

UNITED PROBLEMS OF COÛT DE LA MAIN D'OEUVRE de Jean-Charles Masséra, mis en scène par Myriam Marzouki, avec Christophe Brault et Clémence Léauté et ma musique, c'est de demain à dimanche (19 heures et 15 heures)! Allez-y, rien ne ressemble à ce spectacle dément sur le langage assaillant. En plus, c'est tordant.

samedi, juin 07, 2008

Rue d'Amsterdam
le lit de l'astrologue
La table de l'astrologue
De Gaulle

jeudi, juin 05, 2008

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fig to gold

I bought a very rare 1682 book by Nicolas Flamel, the french alchemist. Page 182, it says that if you "dry 7 fresh figs during the full moon that's preceding the summer equinox, you'll get one gold fig". Flamel adds that "eating the 6 remaining figs all together gives you imortality for a while". So I tried this experience, but the final result was slightly different. As they were getting hot and dry, the seven figs started to grow hair and.... I cannot say what happened next. But I can say that all this alchemist science is untrue, jusqu'à preuve du contraire.