jeudi, juillet 05, 2007


The last night I definitely chose the cape as my identification outfit. This one comes from the XIXth century. I must say that even if it's heavy and not very comfortable, it's a garment that is well adapted to the type of flight I do at night. Easy to control while turning, accelerating, landing, you can also manage the speed much better and disappear quickly in the darkness, if you don't want to be seen. So check the sky when the moon is full and maybe you'll see me within a flock of bats.

It's easy to fly, I can teach you. As Gershon Kingsley says in "Prelude to sleep", my film about the life and adventures of Jean-Jacques Perrey, if you want to fly, you have to escape the group mentality, search for yourself and try to find your own individuality. Just put the group mentality in the trash. Read and work C.G. Jung as he did, as I did. If you're a musician, forget about everything you have heard. It's the only time in life that to forget is a quality. Forget about what the group likes, loves, needs and try to invent yourself as if you were your own and modest, clumsy god.

One god with 2 left hands. Then you'll fly; maybe alone and ignored, but you will fly quand même.