mardi, juillet 31, 2007


Antonioni & Bergman: two directors who had a fabulous talent for capter l'essence du féminin. Le féminin se questionnant, le féminin en question. It's not only the cinema world qui est en deuil, mais le genre féminin tout entier qui perd deux de ses plus brillants portraitistes. A film like Identificazion di una donna est une merveille. Stupid candid as I am sometimes, I remember having said to Christine Boisson, the actress, that she was very lucky to have been portrayed the way she was in this movie. Both directors were in love with the féminin, capable d'en saisir la pointe la plus subtile without revealing what it is. C'est troublant de voir que ces deux regards disparaissent au même moment. Aux femmes d'en mesurer l'absence: qui parlera d'elles dans des termes aussi délicats?

vendredi, juillet 20, 2007

405XLS closed

Since je ne suis pas plus bête qu'un autre, I've decided to follow the track of Bill (Gates) & Steve (Jobs), without owning a garage in an american suburbs. They made a fortune from a simple idea, so will I do too. My company is specialized in electronic components. The first model, the 405 XLS, is made of a cable (I don't know exactly what this cable is made for) and a genuine matchbox. You can get the big size (240 matches) or the small one, for a price which will be less than one dollar. If you don't know how to use it, it's because you haven't banished the word "use" from your vocabulary yet; learn that the 405 XLS goes far beyond the simple use. Buy it now, so I could move to a real garage.

405 XLS open

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mardi, juillet 17, 2007

jj enveloppé drapeau

It's a boat sailing from Evian where he lives to Lausanne where his daughter lives, and Jean-Jacques Perrey remembers his 18 return trips with the Paquebot France in the sixties, between the U.S.A. and France. The american flag was borrowed at the Beau Rivage palace in Lausanne. We had some diplomatic discussion with the company who owns the boat, because it's wearing 3 flags at this moment of the film: the french one, the swiss one and the american one.

lundi, juillet 16, 2007

Charles Anderson

Who's Charles Anderson? He seems to be the same as Andrew Prewett, the painter we were looking for since at least 7/8 years. Flo bought one repro of his painting from a tramp on the street in Manhattan, a cardboard piece that we had to leave in the Off Soho suites hotel because it was too big. Then I found in Paris in the early 00's an old sound effects LP called "Disasters", with a cover by the same Andrew Prewett. Same style, same symbols: the airplane, the accidents, plus riots, floodings and so on... But the artist name here is Charles Anderson and not Andrew Prewett who did exactly the same image. On this one, there's even a Leon Bates © from 1974... Who's Leon Bates? The third painter? We were told that Andrew, Charles or Leon, did a wall painting somewhere in San Francisco during the seventies. Was it a church? A museum? Where? Does it still exist?

Télé Perrey

And here is the first TV made by Flo. It will be used in my documentary. We all miss the old shapes, because they were full of love and ingenuousness, instead of being full of convenience.

dimanche, juillet 15, 2007

ruches parc georges brassensmultigillesvieux monsieur

samedi, juillet 14, 2007

14 juillet

14 juillet. C'est la 10ème fois que j'assiste au vol de démonstration des avions de combat depuis mon studio. Les premières photos avec mon nouveau téléphone portable. Et dire que ce mot avion vient de avis en latin. Oiseau. Laissez les oiseaux en dehors de cette saloperie qui passe en polluant le ciel.

En voyant ce pseudo spectacle, je pense à la stratégie de notre nouveau Président. En faisant imploser le parti socialiste comme il le fait dès son entrée en fonction, il s'octroie probablement 5 années de pouvoir supplémentaires et va vers 10 années de présidence. C'est du moins ce que je pense. J'ai le sentiment que le second mandat sera plus guerrier et que ces avions sortiront de leurs hangars à cette époque. J'espère bien que non.

mercredi, juillet 11, 2007

cadres 1

Thou made us eyes and we made frames. As if our vision was too wide for our narrow brain. We were needing frames for experiencing the position of Thou. But does Thou watch us through a frame? We lost Paradise when we started to build frames. Frames may be an other word for evil. "We need frames" could be a chorus for a future Toog song, a song that's not written yet, because I haven't resolved the problem of frames in songs.


jeudi, juillet 05, 2007


The last night I definitely chose the cape as my identification outfit. This one comes from the XIXth century. I must say that even if it's heavy and not very comfortable, it's a garment that is well adapted to the type of flight I do at night. Easy to control while turning, accelerating, landing, you can also manage the speed much better and disappear quickly in the darkness, if you don't want to be seen. So check the sky when the moon is full and maybe you'll see me within a flock of bats.

It's easy to fly, I can teach you. As Gershon Kingsley says in "Prelude to sleep", my film about the life and adventures of Jean-Jacques Perrey, if you want to fly, you have to escape the group mentality, search for yourself and try to find your own individuality. Just put the group mentality in the trash. Read and work C.G. Jung as he did, as I did. If you're a musician, forget about everything you have heard. It's the only time in life that to forget is a quality. Forget about what the group likes, loves, needs and try to invent yourself as if you were your own and modest, clumsy god.

One god with 2 left hands. Then you'll fly; maybe alone and ignored, but you will fly quand même.

mercredi, juillet 04, 2007


It's been a while since the last update, an update that wasn't a real update. My recent past was very exciting since my friends were there: Antonin - Digiki and also Momus - Nick, the myth friend I like (miss) the most. Nick, who played his own role in a parisian show at La Flèche d'Or with the lovely Kumi Okamoto, from the Konki Duet & Kumisolo... Filming the recording of bees with an old Nagra in a swiss beehive wasn't an easy moment for the 78 years old Jean-Jacques Perrey, since the beekeeper dress was very hot. But the bees themselves were very gentle and didn't attack us, even if I was very close to their taking off board with my camera, filming their buzz with no protection but my faith and trust. Back to Paris, I intended to enter a terrorist school were you learn how to become as smart as Napoleon, but the hat was too small for my japanese head.