vendredi, mars 30, 2007


Other Music, the best record shop of the western world, goes digital: un moment historique for the indie world.

lundi, mars 26, 2007


Visiting the Musée de l'Art brut in Lausanne is an experience. The word art has a different meaning after such a visit: as Dubuffet says in a TSR interview, non cultural art is art while cultural art is only a small / emerged part of the iceberg. The problem with this iceberg metaphor is that we know that we won't have icebergs in the future; but I'm sure that the metaphor won't disappear while the icebergs will. The emerged part of the iceberg is still available in your soda. I bought an amazing DVD about Richard Greaves houses in Canada. Did I buy this DVD in Canada or does the phrase say that Greaves's houses are in Canada? Musée de l'art brut: the museum that summerizes modern art museums with artists who never heard of museums nor art.

dimanche, mars 25, 2007

dimanche, mars 18, 2007


I remember my father talking about extreme ambition and size, always quoting the little Napoleon: it's hard to know exactly what size he was. Regarding the candidate Nicolas Sarkozy, he's very small: 1 meter 65 (5' 5"), which was the size of Charlie Chaplin and the magician Houdini. And also Lenine, the man who lived in the same street as the Dada cabaret (Zürich, Spiegelgasse 1917). I wonder what's the size of GW Bush. Do you think that size matters? Is a small president able to lead a country to orgasm?

vendredi, mars 16, 2007

Our future president, was delivered transgenic corn this morning, in front of his campaign building. Very close to my house so I went there tonight to take a picture but the corn had already disappeared. I love the greenpeace video because it's the first time in the film history that you have a battle in transgenic corn. I love you, young heroes. The building is 18 rue d'Enghien, near Strasbourg Saint Denis. It's a very mixed population in these streets: Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Africa, Turkey, Maghreb and many other countries. It's close to the famous Passage Brady; an excellent area near the lovely rue du faubourg Saint Denis. Next to the UMP building, there's a kurd association lounge in which I saw a man playing billard. It's strange for a candidate who wants to create a "ministery of immigration and national identity" to go there: it sounds like a provocation. This country doesn't need such a foolish ministery, which sounds like the tristement célèbre "Commissariat général aux questions juives". We only need to let the people live the way they want to live. If the kurd man doesn't speak a french word but enjoys his billiard game with his friends, he's giving a positive energy to this country; and that is all what this old country needs.

mercredi, mars 14, 2007


This is the  place, a place where you'll enjoy yourself. If you know where is the  place, please tell me and you'll win a Cagesan promo album. Cagesan who's having his first video interview and a colourful article in the new Hi-Nu music website.


mardi, mars 13, 2007

winston hotel

A nice walk from RER La Varenne Chennevières (Saint Maur des Fossés) to the metro Chateau de Vincennes, a big S along the river Marne: Saint Maur des Fossés, Champigny sur marne, Joinville, Nogent sur Marne, Bois de Vincennes. Except that I didn't measure the walk: 5 hours and probably, 12 to 15 kilometers.

saint maur des fosséschampgny

I love walking and couldn't understand the bicycle frenzy around us during this sunday walk. It was just too much. Everywhere in the world, while going outside, people seem to all need the same and stupid gadgets (such as rollers, skate, mountain bike, ski, snowboard, surf) to prove that they still dominate the nature while enjoying it. We don't need a knife for eating a banana.

ma marne

vendredi, mars 09, 2007

Have you heard of Pat & Mat?

mercredi, mars 07, 2007


do you have a musical background?

I have listened much more the Beatles, when I was young, (my brothers listened already the Beatles when I was born, cause there is a big age difference between us.

there's a strange decor in one of the song: what is it?

It is the decor made for the occasion by the theatre company "l'art de vivre" during few poetics days in the bernardines theatre (Marseille). I love singing with flashing colored lights and a fog-machine if it possible, or like an Edith Piaf ambient, quite straight hard.

you wrote the translations in english for your karaoke versions: what could you say to the english singers about the technique they should use?

At first, to keep calm, because the panic never help someone.

do you plan do do more of these songs in the future?

Yes, in a few weeks, in may, the Al Dante editions will edit an USB key, who containing 3 albums "Erik ça Tue", "+ de SUSPENSE" and "Tour de chants" (the two songs are in "Tour de chants ")


Paroles (vidéo 2)

une jolie forme passe par la censure des enfoirés de l'amour une jolie forme forme un peut-être la rivière en descente de l'eau et s'il te plaît prévois une sortie de cette abomination qu'est l'océean par rapport à la rivière une abomination mais surtout une déperdition de ce courant marrant les rochers contournent l'eau avec le CO2 intégré dans la molécule petite molécule grande molécule petite molécule grande molécule moyenne molécule moyenne molécule le jour de l'an elle sera vraiment collée en tant que molécule vraiment gelée

Stéphane Bérard

lundi, mars 05, 2007

petrified tree

The artist studying the composition of a 251 000 000 years old petrified tree in Arizona, following the steps of R.L. Stevenson, who met there with Petrified Charlie in 1880... In fact, rather watching the trees than studying them. I don't know how to study a tree. By counting the annual growth rings? But these trees dont have 251 000 000 rings, while being 251 000 000 years old. As usual, science is wrong... By the way, how large would be a 251 000 000 years old tree?

dimanche, mars 04, 2007


Last night, the spectacle was free and grandiose.

samedi, mars 03, 2007

martine baby sitter

My last Martine for Antoine Hummel's website. When I was a kid, seeing all these Martine at my friends sister's rooms made me feel like Martine herself.

vendredi, mars 02, 2007

john, nick and gilles

They share secrets that I'm not supposed to hear (Momus & Fashion Flesh)... But hopefully, Au Revoir Simone is around.