lundi, septembre 05, 2005


I am happy to go back to the sound after reading all these terrible news. The watching/reading makes me feel traurig and impuissant. Life is doing. It's probably better to not watch when you can't act... I remember 15 years ago a woman drowning in a river and the people watching her. I asked them but why there is noone here to rescue her? They said we can't go there is too much vase on the bank. A strange grammatical mechanism happens here: the "there" is being used by 2 series of words: "we can't go there" and "there is too much vase on the bank". It's not correct but it's quicker. I saw that it was possible to get to the woman by walking on the aquatic leaves. This is how I became a hero; the police came and I disappeared without giving my name, covered with mud like a puny Hulk.

It was the second day after meeting my girlfriend Florence. She witnessed the scene; we are still together. Maybe she hopes that it will happen a second time but usually with Toog, it only happens one time. How to recognize a hero? If you're walking down the street (one of the most useful verse in pop music) and you want to see a real hero, you only have to lie down on the road and wait. An other technique is to burn your hair. The hero won't be long, he will ask you to fall on your knees and start to pee on your head.

This was in Grenoble during the New Year's eve 1994; some people threw Champagne on afterkid's head in the street. The youngsters forced the appartment we were in. Hopefully a girl could calm them down; I was shivering like a fallen leave, which is an impossible image: the leave has to be on the tree when shivering. You're not saying a shivering fallen leave but a shivering leave or a fallen tree. After they went away, we started to smell smoke. Toog ran two floors down and saw where the fire was coming from: a sofa had been lighted by these unconscious kidsters. First I was surprised to see a red velvet sofa in a stairwell; but one second later I was peeing on it and it stopped the fire. It also wet the sofa. This is why it's better to drink a lot than to not drink at parties.

An other good reason to buy the music made by the only shivering hero of electropop. (Publicis, Saatchi & TBWA Worldwide LLC)