mardi, mars 29, 2005


echo's answer (broadcast, the noise made by people, 2000), roygbiv (boards of canada, music has the right to children, 1998), love without sound (white noise, an electric storm, 1969), thatness and thereness (Ryuichi Sakamoto, B-2 unit, 1980). Echo's answer thanks to montag, roygbiv thanks to an american music lover, love without sound thanks to asia argento, thatness and thereness thanks to tatsuya ito.

Music is thanks to.

Yesterday while walking to the forum des images cinema for the sunday night movie by Ousmane Sembène... the cinema was closed: we were monday... I was thinking of movies as pilgrimages, like Werner Herzog doing a long walk from Munich to Paris to see a sick friend in the hospital. A movie which would be a long walk along the Sumatra coast, for 275 km. One meter for one people who died the last december. When I came back home I heard that a new earthquake happened, an other thousands of victims.