samedi, février 05, 2005

nico's grandson

The little boy on the photo is Nico's grandson (Ari Boulogne's son) and he is wearing the sailor sweater that his dad wore on a Velvet Underground photo. In this Paris show (july 2002) the boy came to the stage and accompanied randomly my songs. My brother Julien, who's blind, sayed: "I loved the strange piano that you added to the songs."

Ari told me that he was keeping Nico's harmonium under his bed. It was Nico's only possession. I wrote this poem for him and for her after this conversation. It is also inspired by the beautiful Philippe Garrel's movie with Nico, La Cicatrice intérieure.

Mondo Harmonium

Ari sous son lit
garde l’instrument indien;
la nuit il entend la soufflerie
de l’instrument,

et la musique grave de sa mère
qui vient d’en haut,
à la manière d’un vent de sable
qui souffle sur le monde.