lundi, août 02, 2004

I was very excited the first time Alberta brought me back to her home. She was smelling of lavender. I asked her to not take the blade with (it was a dangerous tool between lovers) and to let it in the barn. I was surprised and quite disappointed when I found out that she wasn't living alone. She was sharing a two bedroom appartment with about 10 brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, Alberta's parents were also having relatives at home for holidays. During the dinner, Alberta's mother came with a living rabbit on a plate, the animal was surrounded by onions, tomatoes, herbes de Provence. "Le lapin a la provencale", she shouted with pride, and everyone added a "mmm" of satisfaction. We had to catch the rabbit first, which was a good exercise "pour nous mettre en appetit", as Alberta's mother sayed. In fact, the rabbit escaped. Alberta's mother bursted into sobs for hours, while the relatives went to Mac Donald's.