jeudi, juillet 01, 2004

Asia's new website is online. I also love the other website, called "ode to azia", a regal for all Asia Argento's fans. I had a very good surprise, since it's the first time ever that she is mentioning the "Lou Etendue" work we did together. Her new site has a link to the Digiki's mp3 preview.

My new un-professional keyboard gave me two new songs, the cover version of "green door" and a french song. I will probably call it "les attentifs". It is a song about the beauty being a person itself. Beauty sometimes leaves the person, who's remaining beautiful without beauty. It has something to do with grace.

Beauty is about paying attention. You're missing many of these transitory states of beauty while paying no attention. Beauty is being captured by the lovers of the details. It is the reason why I loved Simone Weil's theory about grace and attention so much. I even met her confidant the very old blind "Pere Perrin" in Marseille, in 1993, to know more.