lundi, juin 07, 2004


When I was selling appartments in the late eighties, my boss used to tell me that I was my own business. I had to consider that the real estate agency was nothing but a free office.

In fact it was an ideal to reach, it wasn't happening. Mostly, I was selling appartments that the company owned, not my own portfolio. It meant, a 20 per cent commission instead of a 40 per cent. But I could make a living, spare money, buy my first Korg Poly 800 II.

The artist, using his record label as a free office and a network, is doing exactly the same. He has a lot of work to do by himself. He is what I was in the real estate business, a V.R.P. (voyageur, representant, placier), something between a travelling representative, a showman and a pedagogue, selling his remedies in a covered wagon.