jeudi, juin 17, 2004

These songs

When I met the french producer Marc Collin, thanks to Narumi Omori at the "Le Book" party yesterday, we talked about Apollinaire's "Poemes a Lou". He told me that he owns a 1986 rare cassette, released by the label Crepuscule (my publisher a few years ago), a cassette with Marie Trintignant reciting these wonderful poems.

Marie Trintignant and her father Jean-Louis did a "Poemes a Lou" spectacle a few years ago. It sounds like Gainsbourg and his daughter Charlotte, when they recorded "Lemon Incest". Jean-Louis is on stage (Theatre de la Madeleine) right now, reciting "Poemes a Lou" all alone. I think it's until the end of july 2004.

I asked Marc why he did this new album called "Nouvelle Vague", cover versions of 80's tracks played bossa and loungecore. He had this answer: because these songs are not songs from the eighties. These songs are great songs (XTC "Making plans for Nigel", for instance). Having been kidnapped by a specific time, these songs are timeless.