mercredi, juin 02, 2004

Pigs and beds

Yesterday I spoke with Ken, an eurasian man from Hamburg. Half-japanese, raised in Germany, he speaks fluent french with a german accent. Florence was in Italy the last week and heard a conversation between two black guys, who were speaking italian. It sounded strange for a French, like watching a western with John Wayne speaking in chinese for a Bulgarian.

An aphorism (made after Rimbaud): "l'autre est un jeu".

Listening to "Summerisle" by Momus/Laplantine, my first and last impression is that this is an absolute chef d'oeuvre. I only regret that this album is hosted by Cherry Red. This is my only critic to the fabulous artists who did this album. As the Lord says, don't throw your pearls to the pigs, don't hide your light under the bed! (because you cannot sleep with a pig under your bed, while playing music in the dark.)