mardi, juin 08, 2004

Life in a bag

It's been 10 years that I bought my GEM S2 workstation, an italian keyboard, in Marseille. I was lost in a music store near La Canebiere with my brother Julien, when he said: these sounds fit with your spirit. My spirit was more Gem-oriented than Roland or Korg-oriented.

I should have moved to computer music for years, and for years I didn't. Working with workstation is easy and intuitive. You don't need to know how does a computer work, you only have few choices. Like a "contrainte" in poetry, you choose to not have the widest choice.

Yamaha Motif ES 6 seems to be a good device for me. I went to a Pigalle store near my house, "Home Studio". I can't go to "Star's music" again and see the employee's face, he will kill me if I ask him to get headphones again.

I cannot write new music with the same old sounds. Since the beginning, sounds determined my songs, it is music made by sounds. Each sound carries a specific atmosphere and imagination follows the path. Being an electronic musician means being made by the sounds we make.