lundi, mai 31, 2004

G(r)eek God(s)

It's funny to see that, in "The day after tomorrow" by Roland Emmerich, we are not allowed to see the freezing process of the american flag to the end. It's a really interesting movie. Emmerich should have waited more before offering us the tsunami pictures, and stretch this climax. After having destroyed music (Capitol records), cinema (Hollywood sign) and litterature (the books in the NY library), we are happy to learn that the last value in this post-apocalyptic world is the american family, thanks to the US God(s).

We came back from the Rex cinema and passed by Le Palace, the legendary club, which is closed. The doors were open. Robin, the squatter-en-chef, welcomed us, saying: "you're the first visitor entering by the front door since 1996". It's his second squat, after the recent destruction of Le Temple (Place Pigalle, near Les Folies Pigalle). He saved some decors and stage clothes that he brought to Le Palace. He calls himself Robin des Bois, stealing closed theaters from bourgeois owners and giving them back to the public.

A small faintness in the metro, after having visited N. at the Mental Hospital. The last time it happened, it was while watching Miike's "Audition", one morning after breakfast (which wasn't the best time for watching this movie).

They have recently changed the law for M.H. regroupment: the patients are not grouped in accordance with their illness anymore, they are grouped in accordance with the area where they live. Now, you can have violent or ultra-confused patients living with depressed ones. It remembers me my brother Julien, who's blind, when he entered his school in Strasbourg, in 1978: all the children were raised together (blinds, deafs, dumbs, mentally handiccaped), in separated houses.

A step forward, towards the middle age!

It's hard to not talk about Momus when we are sitting at a table with Remi and Antonin. Being sort of a king, he is our favorite subject!